Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Job Specification




Pay Grade
HAA ($141,918.40 - $177,923.20 - $213,907.20)
Job Summary

Leads, directs and controls motorist services, congestion reduction and highway operation activities, services and programs in support of improving transportation infrastructure, mobility and safety throughout the greater Los Angeles County region.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Establishes and directs the major goals, priorities and strategies for programs/services and ensures adherence/alignment with SBU (Strategic Business Unit) and agency goals and priorities
  • Provides strategic leadership and direction on all issues affecting the unit and implements strategies in support of the unit
  • Develops and implements strategic business plans
  • Identifies, directs, leads, and sponsors innovation, new initiatives and improvements
  • Evaluates and advocates for proposed/enacted legislation regarding impacts on programs and projects
  • Directs, negotiates, leads, and executes inter-agency/non-procurement related agreements
  • Directs and leads engagements with internal and external stakeholders, partners, and interested/affected parties to ensure effective and efficient coordination and collaboration on projects and programs, including development of agency-wide issues
  • Leads, coordinates, participates in, and directs the unit's role in regional and national collaborations and partnerships
  • Represents Metro at meetings and conferences with staff, elected and public officials, the community, and public and private organizations
  • Provides strategic direction and authorizes improvements to address performance measures and customer needs/concerns
  • Provides strategic and innovative leadership and direction to meet changing customer/marketplace requirements
  • Directs, leads, evaluates, and advocates funding opportunities, needs, and proposals for major transportation programs, and for local, state, federal and alternative financial and/or funding solutions
  • Directs and leads all aspects of contracts and procurement actions, including negotiating, mediating, and approving contract compliance and enforcement actions
  • Oversees and leads studies, investigations, and analyses
  • Leads, directs, and implements Metro′s involvement in the improvement of regional mobility through research, engineering, technology, planning, and other related improvements strategies
  • Directs and leads the development and implementation of short- and long-range forecasts, budgets, work plans, objectives, policies, procedures and work standards
  • Ensures proper administration of the assigned unit and all contractual requirements and duties
  • Supervises, trains, mentors, and motivates assigned staff
  • Prepares, directs, approves comprehensive reports, correspondences and presentations
  • Communicates Metro′s safety vision and goals; oversees the implementation of agency and departmental safety rules, policies, and procedures; and maintains accountability for safety performance of all assigned employees
  • Contributes to ensuring that the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies and programs of Metro are carried out

    May be required to perform other related job duties

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of (defined as a learned body of information that is required for and applied in the performance of job tasks)

  • Theories, principles, and practices of transportation planning and operations
  • Theories, principles, and practices of customer and stakeholder/partner engagement and management
  • Project and program management from inception to completion, includes Intelligent Transportation Systems, technical/technology systems, transportation operations management
  • Business, systems, operational, market, statistical and financial research analysis and problem solving
  • Public financing, budgeting, contracting and contract management and administration
  • Technology and technology management
  • Applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations
  • Strategic and tactical leadership principals
  • Principles and practices of supervision (direct and indirect)
  • Change and innovation leadership
  • Business and service communication
  • Applicable business computer programs and applications
  • Principles, practices, and ideals of public service
  • Problem and dispute resolution

Skill in (defined as the proficient manual, verbal, or mental utilization of data, people, or things)

  • Leading and directing all aspects of a major organizational function
  • Leading, creating, and cultivating an effective customer and stakeholder environment/culture
  • Understanding, strategizing, and leading projects and programs
  • Establishing the purpose, goals, and objectives of programs and leading/directing changes to achieve success
  • Researching and analyzing data and situations, identifying problems and solutions, developing recommendations, and evaluating outcomes
  • Directing, managing, and allocating budgets, resources, and contracts
  • Understanding, leading, defining, and directing the integration and impact of technology within a unit
  • Understanding and interpreting laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, contracts, budgets, and labor/management agreements
  • Exercising sound judgment, creativity, and strategy in making decisions
  • Representing the agency/project/program in regional, national, or international industry forums, peer reviews/exchanges, workshops, etc.
  • Leading and actively encouraging inclusion of diversity and equity principals
  • Effectively managing political and senior executive engagements
  • Providing leadership, vision and direction to staff
  • Identifying, communicating, and leading change and champion innovation
  • Communicating effectively orally and in writing
  • Interacting professionally with internal and external parties
  • Mediating, negotiating, and/or making strategic decisions to resolve problems or disputes

Ability to (defined as a present competence to perform an observable behavior or produce an observable result)

  • Lead and oversee studies and analyses
  • Lead and enforce the value of effective customer and stakeholder engagement
  • Strategically evaluate solutions and develop options to address short- and long-term issues and solutions
  • Develop, implement and oversee goals, objectives, policies, procedures, work standards, and internal controls
  • Compile, analyze, and interpret complex data
  • Efficiently assign and manage resources to effectively implement projects
  • Identify, secure and allocate financial and staffing needs
  • Lead and direct complex negotiations and effectively resolve disputes
  • Understand, lead and set a vision regarding the role of technology within a unit
  • Apply and ensure adherence to laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, contracts, budgets, and labor/management agreements
  • Lead and champion the needs of a unit
  • Identify and secure new/innovative solutions/partners to address problems and/or opportunities
  • Identify, understand, communicate and prioritize work
  • Effectively delegate/assign, supervise, mentor and motivate staff
  • Prepare comprehensive reports and correspondences
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English
Minimum Qualifications

A combination of education and/or experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of the position. Additional experience, as outlined below, may be substituted for required education on a two-for-one year basis. A typical combination includes:


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Public Administration, Urban Planning, Engineering or a related field; Master's Degree in a related field preferred


  • Five years of relevant senior management-level experience in ExpressLanes planning and project management, highway operations, or congestion pricing and reduction; specific direct experience in developing, implementing, managing and/or operating tolling programs, including All-Electronic Tolling, preferred

Certifications/Licenses/Special Requirements

  • A valid California Class C Driver License or the ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation when needed to carry out job-related essential functions


Special Conditions

The physical demands described are representative of those that must be met by the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Metro provides reasonable accommodation to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Working Conditions

  • Typical office situation

  • Close exposure to computer monitors and video screen

  • Exposure to physical and verbal abuse by clients/customers and/or general public

  • Extensive safety training and/or use of protective devices and personal protective gear

  • Work after designated regular hours in case of special assignments or emergencies

  • Local Travel

Physical Effort Required

  • Sitting at a desk or table

  • Operate a telephone or other telecommunications device and communicate through the medium

  • Type and use a keyboard and mouse to perform necessary computer-based functions

  • Light lifting or carrying 25 lbs. or less

  • Moderate lifting or carrying 26-50 lbs.

  • Communicating through speech in the English language required

  • Good distance vision and/or depth perception to judge distances



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This classification is at-will and the incumbent serves at the pleasure of the hiring authority.

This job specification is not to be construed as an exhaustive list of duties, responsibilities, or requirements.